Brake lines

Decided to start mocking up some brake lines as the rear axle was easily accessible.

Having never used a flaring kit before I spent an hour in front of the television practicing flaring brake lines.

Im using 3/16th copper nickel pipe which I found cheapest from Bennets at £15 a roll. So after a bit of practice I was happy with the flares and they looked like this..


single flare


double flare

Id decided that I wanted black brake lines for some reason so I bought some heat shrink from eBay and set to work knocking up my first set for across the axle.



I was pretty pleased with the results so will definitely carry it on through the rest of the car. The missus hair dryer suffered a bit, so I think hot air gun may need to be purchased.

It may also be worth mentioning at this point for anyone like me who didn’t know, that the brake union sizes are M10 X 1.0mm. Ebay was my friend here and I ended up purchasing this lot as reccomended through a few of the ford forums. Brake Unions: M10 X 1.00mm

Bulkhead flex

One of the things about going back to a type 9, meant that I didn’t have to worry about trying to make my bulkhead suit a hydraulic clutch setup.

On the older chassis like mine, the bulkhead is known to flex due to the lack of bracing. I’d seen on Rob Collingbridges site a picture showing a piece of angled steel welded across the bulkhead to tie it in with the side panels.

So I thought I’d give it a go…

1) Steel cut to size.


25mm x 25mm steel angle

2) first attempt at welding it up did not go well! I hadnt realised that id run out of gas on the welder, that combined with the cramped conditions produced this monstrosity!!!

3) So I ended up grinding back all the welds, cleaning it back up and having a second attempt (having bought a refil from BOC). Its definitely not the best welding ive ever done, however it is better than round 1, and survived the hammer test. Im hoping once the pedals are in and a bit of powdercoat it won’t look too bad.



So, I think ive been here before! Having sold all the parts I thought i wouldnt need for the klde I now find myself in the position of needing some of them back.

I started the hunt for a type 9, and it wasnt long before one came up on Gumtree only 20 minutes down the road from work. It didn’t have a gear lever so I was unable to check the mechanism, but it looked clean enough and there didn’t seem to be much end float in the main shaft.

Lets hope i haven’t bought an expensive paper weight!!

I don’t seem to have a picture to show, so I’ll try and take one tomorow and upload it.

Complete change of direction!

So after getting thoroughly fed up about the lack of progress I was making on the fisher, a therapy session was needed…ala pub!

My main gripe was lying with the fact I was desperate to have the v6, because I thought it would be amazing and id worked so hard on the engine. However it was still a minefield of custom parts and from some fag packet maths was going to end up swallowing significantly more cash than I had available.

With some ideas banded around ranging from suck it up, to sell up a happy compromise was decided in that I would put the engine package up for sale, and then use the cash to buy a more complete zetec package.

So this brings us up to the current day, I put the engine up for sale on the Friday and on the following Wednesday it was sold to a nice chap to eventually put in his mx5.

The plan now is to spend some of the money in getting the chassis powdercoated so I can build it back up to a rolling chassis. And start the search for an ST170 engine to fill the v6 void!!

…oh and to re buy all the parts that I sold when I thought I didnt need them, type 9 and propshaft anyone!


Picked up the pedals this morning. First thoughts are they are Significantly better made than the originals I have taken out. They were also much cheaper than the offering from OBP or Tilton, coming in at a reasonable £126 Inc P&P.

What I didn’t consider was that it wouldn’t come with a balance bar, so I shall see if the old one fits. If not I will get back in contact with Stephen and see whether he can knock me one up.

I also need to work out what master cylinder to use for the hydraulic clutch.  If anyone has any suggestion please let me know.

Hopefully will try to see what the fitment etc is like early next week. In the mean time heres some photos….






So after about 2 months of waiting and about 20 emails I have finally received the news I’ve been waiting for. Drum roll please…………the pedals will be here this week!!!!!

This ties in nicely as I have a week off work next week, so hopefully some decent progress can be made and I’ll have plenty more updates for here!