Been buying a few bits..

Bought a few bits over the last couple of days, nothing significant but as they came up for a good price It made sense to grab them. Also picked up a set of gsxr throttle bodies, but ill do a seperate post about those when they turn up.

Laranca Engineering weld on quick release steering hub:


Tow strap for when I finally get the car finished and out on track!



Gearbox brackets


When I was going down the v6 route I cut out all the old type 9 gearbox mounts. As they fouled the mx5 box and welded in a new plate (which you can see on the left of the picture).

Obviously that now had to all be reversed, so today I finished the final bit of welding on the chassis and put back in the steel that the type 9 mounts to. This is the same as the standarsd fisher set up and is 25mm x 25mm steel angle.

With all the welding done, im going to concentrate on drilling the panels so that I can get it ready for powdercoating. I picked up some Clecos the other day which will hopefully make the job a bit easier.

I’m undecided yet as to how I want to finish the interior. Originally I was just going to get the panels powdercoated to match the chassis, but I am now thinking about some sort of interior trim. Albeit it needs to be waterproof due to the aeroscreen and no wet weather gear option.

Complete change of direction!

So after getting thoroughly fed up about the lack of progress I was making on the fisher, a therapy session was needed…ala pub!

My main gripe was lying with the fact I was desperate to have the v6, because I thought it would be amazing and id worked so hard on the engine. However it was still a minefield of custom parts and from some fag packet maths was going to end up swallowing significantly more cash than I had available.

With some ideas banded around ranging from suck it up, to sell up a happy compromise was decided in that I would put the engine package up for sale, and then use the cash to buy a more complete zetec package.

So this brings us up to the current day, I put the engine up for sale on the Friday and on the following Wednesday it was sold to a nice chap to eventually put in his mx5.

The plan now is to spend some of the money in getting the chassis powdercoated so I can build it back up to a rolling chassis. And start the search for an ST170 engine to fill the v6 void!!

…oh and to re buy all the parts that I sold when I thought I didnt need them, type 9 and propshaft anyone!


So after about 2 months of waiting and about 20 emails I have finally received the news I’ve been waiting for. Drum roll please…………the pedals will be here this week!!!!!

This ties in nicely as I have a week off work next week, so hopefully some decent progress can be made and I’ll have plenty more updates for here!

Panels are here..

So I picked up the panels on Saturday and placed them up to the chassis to make sure I hadn’t gone mad with the dimensions.


Huge sigh of relief as they were at least roughly the right shape.

I had oversized all of the panels so I could trim them down to fit properly. So I set to work with the hacksaw and snips and ended up with something like this..


I was really pleased I had kept the old panels when I removed them. Whilst the originals had been cut terribly they did give me a rough starting point when measuring up for the chassis rail cut outs etc, and allowed me to get the New shapes cut quite quickly.


One of the things I didn’t like on the old interior was the multiple pieces of metal making up the centre tunnel top cover. So I got this made up as one piece and I put a bend in it to follow the contours from the boot to the dash.


Once everything is in and I’m doing final fixes I’ll cover the edges with some aluminium edging which there seems to be plenty of choice.


So next job on the list is to start drilling the panels for the rivets. I’ve ordered up some 3.3mm drill bits and will use 3.2mm rivets and tiger seal to secure the panels in place. I’m going to get them powedercoated satin black to match the chassis, so will try and find some black rivets to match.