Engine mount issue

I while back I ordered up the engine mounts from Fury Sports Cars and other than taking them out the packet hadnt really done anything with them.

This weekend I decided to bite the bullet and get the engine properly mounted and drill some holes in the chassis mounting plates, and thats where I had a problem.


The horizontal line going across the rectangle is the centre point for the engine mounts. Now unfortunately that line was also dead centre one of the chassis members! So it turns out that the chassis mounts supplied were actually about an inch to short on the passenger side.

After some deliberation the easiest and simplest method of sorting this is to create a spacer moving the mount away from the engine. Otherwise its a cut and shut job with Mr welder and Mr grinder and to be perfectly honest I just cant be bothered!

Ive mocked one out of 19mm Mdf and it works perfectly so the next stage is to get some 20mm aluminium bar and make the real deal.



Can you fit an engine by yourself?

The answer apparently is with great difficulty!! I had a spare hour yesterday so thought I would get the engine and gearbox in and mark out the mount holes ready to drill.

Being the time concious and efficient fellow I am, I thought the best course of action would be to join the engine and gearbox together a la…


And let the whole lot slip easily into the engine bay. Turns out there isnt as much room to manoeuvre as I thought and I managed to get the whole lot wedged dramatically at an angle between the suspension and the transmission tunnel!

The even better part of this venture was that the engine which I thought was completely drained…clearly wasn’t! And whilst jammed at an angle decided to release a never ending flood of oil all over the garage floor.

In the end I gave in and split the whole assembly. And for anybody interested the method for fitting a zetec into a fury is as follows…

1. Gearbox into tunnel
2. Engine into bay
3. Attach engine to gearbox whilst still attached to crane
4. Attach engine Mounts
5. Finally lower into position

I now need to work out how far back I can mount the engine, before the clutch fork fouls the chassis. Overall not a particularly constructive hour… It does at least however all fit.


First holes


First panel laid up and drilled today. I hadnt charged the battery, so just about managed to complete this before it died on me. I’d heard that this can.be quite a fiddly job when using standard G-clamps, the panel can slip whilst drilling. Instead I bought some Cleco panel pins which you can see in the picture. They are a temporary fastener and made the job a piece of piss.

Feels good to be making a different kind of progress and knowing once all the panels are drilled then the chassis will be going off to the powder coaters.

Bulkhead flex

One of the things about going back to a type 9, meant that I didn’t have to worry about trying to make my bulkhead suit a hydraulic clutch setup.

On the older chassis like mine, the bulkhead is known to flex due to the lack of bracing. I’d seen on Rob Collingbridges site a picture showing a piece of angled steel welded across the bulkhead to tie it in with the side panels.

So I thought I’d give it a go…

1) Steel cut to size.


25mm x 25mm steel angle

2) first attempt at welding it up did not go well! I hadnt realised that id run out of gas on the welder, that combined with the cramped conditions produced this monstrosity!!!

3) So I ended up grinding back all the welds, cleaning it back up and having a second attempt (having bought a refil from BOC). Its definitely not the best welding ive ever done, however it is better than round 1, and survived the hammer test. Im hoping once the pedals are in and a bit of powdercoat it won’t look too bad.


STOP! It’s panel time..

With the frustrations of the pedal Box and having to shell out for a new clutch and flywheel on the daily, progress has been slow…actually non existent.

So today I sucked it up and went and did some measuring for the interior panels and boot floor.

I experimented with cutting straight lines on some scrap ally sheet I had lying around. I tried a nibbler I bought yonks ago, a jigsaw and a good old fashioned hacksaw, but nothing gave me a satisfactory straight line. So I’ve decided to get the sheet guillotine cut instead.

I popped down to http://www.aldensheetmetal.co.uk with some dodgy fat packet sketches a very professional hardboard template (the top tunnel was just too many planes for my basic maths) and my best negotiating skills.


And for £40 ill be picking up the following on Saturday morning..

2 x side panels 1.2mm
2 x tunnel side panels 1.2mm
1 x top tunnel panel 1.2mm
1 x “boot floor” 2mm

I’ll upload the pictures when I get them, and plan to powder coat them in satin black when I get the chassis done.

I’ll also need to get the floor panels cut at some time, but they will have an overhang to support the side pods and I havnt worked out how big this needs to be yet.

Gearbox Mount


Apologies for the lack of updates, work has been really hectic and I just havnt has time to get out to the garage. I cut this out of some 2mm mild steel sheet and have welded it in place.

The plan is to use a blank polyurethane block on top of this and bolt straight up through into the base of the gearbox into the original mounting points.


Some of my welding is actually quite presentable now. I’m really pleased considering I’m completely self taught.

More Chassis Mods…

Found these pictures whilst flicking through my photobucket. This cross member needed to come out to allow the engine to fit. On the v8 fury chassis, its not there at all from the factory, so I was quite comfortable removing it.