Brake lines

Decided to start mocking up some brake lines as the rear axle was easily accessible.

Having never used a flaring kit before I spent an hour in front of the television practicing flaring brake lines.

Im using 3/16th copper nickel pipe which I found cheapest from Bennets at £15 a roll. So after a bit of practice I was happy with the flares and they looked like this..


single flare


double flare

Id decided that I wanted black brake lines for some reason so I bought some heat shrink from eBay and set to work knocking up my first set for across the axle.



I was pretty pleased with the results so will definitely carry it on through the rest of the car. The missus hair dryer suffered a bit, so I think hot air gun may need to be purchased.

It may also be worth mentioning at this point for anyone like me who didn’t know, that the brake union sizes are M10 X 1.0mm. Ebay was my friend here and I ended up purchasing this lot as reccomended through a few of the ford forums. Brake Unions: M10 X 1.00mm



Picked up the pedals this morning. First thoughts are they are Significantly better made than the originals I have taken out. They were also much cheaper than the offering from OBP or Tilton, coming in at a reasonable £126 Inc P&P.

What I didn’t consider was that it wouldn’t come with a balance bar, so I shall see if the old one fits. If not I will get back in contact with Stephen and see whether he can knock me one up.

I also need to work out what master cylinder to use for the hydraulic clutch.  If anyone has any suggestion please let me know.

Hopefully will try to see what the fitment etc is like early next week. In the mean time heres some photos….





Pedal Box

With the new engine and gearbox combo using a hydraulic clutch I need to change the old cable operated pedal box. To be fair the old one was pretty knackered anyway, you can see in the picture how the base had bent due to poor mounting and hard breaking.


I looked at various options from OBP & Tilton, but they either didn’t fit the cramped fury footwell or my budget. So it was back to fury sports cars to order a standard spec hydraulic clutch setup.

Having ordered at the beginning of October I was starting to get frustrated with the lack of progress and having been in contact with Steve at Fury Sports Cars I am still waiting for the pedal set to arrive….and waiting….and waiting…. Well you get the idea. Apparently the laser cutter they use have had some issues, but it should be here “shortly”. As soon as its ready I can start fabbing up the brake lines, but until then I’ll just carry on twiddling my thumbs.