Another Cyana…

When I ordered my bodywork I did so with a gentleman called Blake – ceebmoj on locostbuilders so we got a bit of a deal. The details on his build are a bit thin on the ground but if I remember rightly it is based on a locost chassis.

Anyway it looks like he has been making significantly more progress than I have as he posted these exciting pictures of his body complete with the wide body parts moulded on.. 




I think it looks great and hope mine go equally well when I get round to it.


Carbon…..The start of a slippery slope!!


I recently saw these for sale on LCB and couldnt resist! I have absolutely no need for mirrors yet and I didnt intend starting a carbon fetish…but it seems its started!

They are a pair of SPA Design carbon fibre convex mirrors. I havn’t weighed them yet but considering I almost threw one over my shoulder the first time I picked it up, I think its safe to say they are bloody light!

Next on the wishlist is a SPA Design rear view mirror (carbon of course) but im not willing to pay the amount they want for a brand new one. If anyone has one for sale, or knows of one available please get in touch!

The body is here!!!

Thanks to Rob Johnston at Cyana Sports Cars!


I ordered way before I needed it, but I’ve learnt that the kit car industry moves fast. Having met Rob I think he’s in it for the long game. However you can never be quite sure, and as the bodywork fitted my needs perfectly it made sense to get it whilst I could.

Back to Rob, he’s a great guy, and really knowledgeable… And his old man makes a good cup of coffee!

The bits on the right are what comprises of the “sports pack” and will be bonded onto the bodywork once everything is set up and up together……fingers crossed it fits, but I do like a challenge! For now it’s all tucked up safely in the garage & in the loft.