Can you fit an engine by yourself?

The answer apparently is with great difficulty!! I had a spare hour yesterday so thought I would get the engine and gearbox in and mark out the mount holes ready to drill.

Being the time concious and efficient fellow I am, I thought the best course of action would be to join the engine and gearbox together a la…


And let the whole lot slip easily into the engine bay. Turns out there isnt as much room to manoeuvre as I thought and I managed to get the whole lot wedged dramatically at an angle between the suspension and the transmission tunnel!

The even better part of this venture was that the engine which I thought was completely drained…clearly wasn’t! And whilst jammed at an angle decided to release a never ending flood of oil all over the garage floor.

In the end I gave in and split the whole assembly. And for anybody interested the method for fitting a zetec into a fury is as follows…

1. Gearbox into tunnel
2. Engine into bay
3. Attach engine to gearbox whilst still attached to crane
4. Attach engine Mounts
5. Finally lower into position

I now need to work out how far back I can mount the engine, before the clutch fork fouls the chassis. Overall not a particularly constructive hour… It does at least however all fit.



3 thoughts on “Can you fit an engine by yourself?

  1. looks good. Did you fabricate the mounts? Do you think that there would be space to put the box and engine in as one if you removed the rockers and shocks?

    • The mounts are from fisher sports cars directly, which was part of the reason for going to a zetec as everything was off the shelf. Even with the shocks removed I’m not sure there is enough space, will give it a go when it comes to taking it out though.

  2. Pfft! You needed a load leveller 🙂 I got my V8 and gearbox combo into my Fury by myself

    The key was the load leveller allowed me to adjust the angle as I slowly edged it all back. It probably followed a segment of a sine curve as I went over the suspension, under the battery and over the gearbox mount. A moot point as you’ve done it now, but if you ever hoik it out again, treat yourself to a load leveller.

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