Sloppy 2nd!

So you may remember from an earlier post that I bought the type 9 blind, as it had no gear lever. I bought a quaife quick shift and having bolted it in, found that every gear was really crisp and easy to find…except for 2nd!

I remembered this was an issue when the car had its original engine so decided to do some research into the issue. It turns out that the main culprits are either the synchro has failed or the plastic gear lever saddle has worn away.

Always keen to explore the cheapest option first I discovered you can get a replacement brass saddle, although not entirely cheap for what it is, compared to a syncro rebuild it was worth a try! Demon tweeks / merlin etc all sell them, but the cheapest I found was from Steve Perks at http:// £20 Inc Vat and postage.

You can see below that the plastic version I removed had lost its lug.



Its simple enough to remove the saddle with a pair of needle nose pliers, leaving the following…


I then put a little bit of grease on the inside of the saddle to keep it in place, and lowered it into place.


Now the description says that the tips of the saddle should be crimped over slightly, however I couldnt for the life of me find either the space or strength to do so. Once the gearlever is on the saddle cant go anywhere, so ive decided to leave it as is, we’ll see what happens over the life of the car I suppose.

So the million dollar question, did it work? The answer yes! 2nd now comes nice and easily just like the others.


2 thoughts on “Sloppy 2nd!

  1. nice work – great photos. Are you bothering with a real camera – I tend to wing it with my iphone and settle for low resolution.


    • Hi Mark, thanks for the comments. Everything is taken on my Sony Xperia phone, it just happened that they came out quite well this time! Its definitely better resolution than my old iPhone but still very much point and shoot!

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