First holes


First panel laid up and drilled today. I hadnt charged the battery, so just about managed to complete this before it died on me. I’d heard that this quite a fiddly job when using standard G-clamps, the panel can slip whilst drilling. Instead I bought some Cleco panel pins which you can see in the picture. They are a temporary fastener and made the job a piece of piss.

Feels good to be making a different kind of progress and knowing once all the panels are drilled then the chassis will be going off to the powder coaters.


5 thoughts on “First holes

      • Thanks, I hated the old panels I’d taken off, as they didnt have a straight edge om them!

        I drew some fag packet sketches with measurements for the panels and took them to a sheet metal place to have them guillotined to size. Then I just used a hacksaw to cut out any indentations to clear chassis rails etc.

        For the rivet holes I measured the width of the rail the panels were going to be attached to and scribed that around the panel using a long steel rule and a centre punch. Then I halfed the width of that and scribed the middle line. Finally just measured 50mm centres and centre punched them to stop the drill bit wandering – but by this point I’d lost my centre punch so just used a nail. The drill bit is 3.3mm so I can use 3/16th rivets.

  1. I think its details like this that relay make the a car look good. I have been a little concerned that I would get a bad finish so it nice to see how you have done it.

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