Gearbox brackets


When I was going down the v6 route I cut out all the old type 9 gearbox mounts. As they fouled the mx5 box and welded in a new plate (which you can see on the left of the picture).

Obviously that now had to all be reversed, so today I finished the final bit of welding on the chassis and put back in the steel that the type 9 mounts to. This is the same as the standarsd fisher set up and is 25mm x 25mm steel angle.

With all the welding done, im going to concentrate on drilling the panels so that I can get it ready for powdercoating. I picked up some Clecos the other day which will hopefully make the job a bit easier.

I’m undecided yet as to how I want to finish the interior. Originally I was just going to get the panels powdercoated to match the chassis, but I am now thinking about some sort of interior trim. Albeit it needs to be waterproof due to the aeroscreen and no wet weather gear option.


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