Complete change of direction!

So after getting thoroughly fed up about the lack of progress I was making on the fisher, a therapy session was needed…ala pub!

My main gripe was lying with the fact I was desperate to have the v6, because I thought it would be amazing and id worked so hard on the engine. However it was still a minefield of custom parts and from some fag packet maths was going to end up swallowing significantly more cash than I had available.

With some ideas banded around ranging from suck it up, to sell up a happy compromise was decided in that I would put the engine package up for sale, and then use the cash to buy a more complete zetec package.

So this brings us up to the current day, I put the engine up for sale on the Friday and on the following Wednesday it was sold to a nice chap to eventually put in his mx5.

The plan now is to spend some of the money in getting the chassis powdercoated so I can build it back up to a rolling chassis. And start the search for an ST170 engine to fill the v6 void!!

…oh and to re buy all the parts that I sold when I thought I didnt need them, type 9 and propshaft anyone!


2 thoughts on “Complete change of direction!

  1. While you are changing youer plans have you considered a duratec? Probably a simalar ish cost for the setup and I think tha y have been installed in furys.

    • Hi Blake, yes I have considered a Duratec. The main reason for steering clear is that the bellhousing needed is really wide and therfore needs quite alot of chassis modifications to the drivers footwell area. Furyrebuild which is linked on here is doing one if you were interested in the amount of work needed.

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