Bulkhead flex

One of the things about going back to a type 9, meant that I didn’t have to worry about trying to make my bulkhead suit a hydraulic clutch setup.

On the older chassis like mine, the bulkhead is known to flex due to the lack of bracing. I’d seen on Rob Collingbridges site a picture showing a piece of angled steel welded across the bulkhead to tie it in with the side panels.

So I thought I’d give it a go…

1) Steel cut to size.


25mm x 25mm steel angle

2) first attempt at welding it up did not go well! I hadnt realised that id run out of gas on the welder, that combined with the cramped conditions produced this monstrosity!!!

3) So I ended up grinding back all the welds, cleaning it back up and having a second attempt (having bought a refil from BOC). Its definitely not the best welding ive ever done, however it is better than round 1, and survived the hammer test. Im hoping once the pedals are in and a bit of powdercoat it won’t look too bad.



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