Brake lines

Decided to start mocking up some brake lines as the rear axle was easily accessible.

Having never used a flaring kit before I spent an hour in front of the television practicing flaring brake lines.

Im using 3/16th copper nickel pipe which I found cheapest from Bennets at £15 a roll. So after a bit of practice I was happy with the flares and they looked like this..


single flare


double flare

Id decided that I wanted black brake lines for some reason so I bought some heat shrink from eBay and set to work knocking up my first set for across the axle.



I was pretty pleased with the results so will definitely carry it on through the rest of the car. The missus hair dryer suffered a bit, so I think hot air gun may need to be purchased.

It may also be worth mentioning at this point for anyone like me who didn’t know, that the brake union sizes are M10 X 1.0mm. Ebay was my friend here and I ended up purchasing this lot as reccomended through a few of the ford forums. Brake Unions: M10 X 1.00mm


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