Picked up the pedals this morning. First thoughts are they are Significantly better made than the originals I have taken out. They were also much cheaper than the offering from OBP or Tilton, coming in at a reasonable £126 Inc P&P.

What I didn’t consider was that it wouldn’t come with a balance bar, so I shall see if the old one fits. If not I will get back in contact with Stephen and see whether he can knock me one up.

I also need to work out what master cylinder to use for the hydraulic clutch.  If anyone has any suggestion please let me know.

Hopefully will try to see what the fitment etc is like early next week. In the mean time heres some photos….






2 thoughts on “Pedals

    • Hi Blake,

      I’ve decided that there is just to much / money work left in getting the kl to work. I’ve had the car off the road now for 18 months and just want to drive the thing. So I’m selling up and going to put a zetec in, which I know I can just buy off the shelf parts for. It’s a bit of a backwards step which is a shame, but at least if I decided in the future to come back to a kl I know the chassis is already sorted.

      How’s yours going?

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