DIY Throttle Bodies

As mentioned previously I have been in contact with Jes for a few months about the inlet adapter plate he has designed to fit the 595 bodies to the klde head. He’s still ploughing on with the project, but unfortunately can’t commit to any completion dates at the moment.

So having had a massive burst of motivation sorting the interior panels I thought I would start having a go at doing a DIY inlet. This was also partly should the worst happen and projectJES doesn’t come to fruition I am not out on a limb with 0 form of induction.

I’ll pre empt this now, that this may not get finished …. if it does my intention is only to create a template I can pass to a laser cutter to cut the aluminium properly. On with the show:

1) Go to B&Q and blag some 1/2″ mdf offcuts for 50p.

2) Draw round your inlet manifold gasket and ITBs to get a basic working shape.

3) Do some creative maths and add some dimensions to help with the placement of holes etc. Prior to this stage I tried drawing the holes using the ITBs as a template, but I just couldn’t get it accurate enough.  


4) hold your breath and start drilling some holes..



3 thoughts on “DIY Throttle Bodies

  1. hi there,

    How much do you think the engine, gear box and bits will weigh when done? Also excluding the engine rebuild do you have an idea of cost for this setup? The Duratec route I was planing on taking is more expensive than I thought.

    • Hi Blake, If you check out it’s an kl engine swap into an MK. I think the chap weighed all the parts as he put them in. In terms of cost it was £300 for engine, I think the adapter kit was about another £300. Gearbox was cheap think I paid £25. Throttle bodies are not too expensive however all the custom inlets and fuel rails etc are the expensive bit. + management. I would think you’d probably be looking at between £1k and £1.5k. The biggest challenge is getting all the custom bits. Claire who manufactures the parts is probably the most unreliable person I have ever met. Shes a fantastic engineer but an awful business person, and seriously over subscribed! HtH

  2. Thanks for the information, the price is not much different from that of a Duratec install. I have tried getting hold of Claire a number of times to get an idea on price. However she never responds its quite frustrating when you are trying to plan out a build.

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