Panels are here..

So I picked up the panels on Saturday and placed them up to the chassis to make sure I hadn’t gone mad with the dimensions.


Huge sigh of relief as they were at least roughly the right shape.

I had oversized all of the panels so I could trim them down to fit properly. So I set to work with the hacksaw and snips and ended up with something like this..


I was really pleased I had kept the old panels when I removed them. Whilst the originals had been cut terribly they did give me a rough starting point when measuring up for the chassis rail cut outs etc, and allowed me to get the New shapes cut quite quickly.


One of the things I didn’t like on the old interior was the multiple pieces of metal making up the centre tunnel top cover. So I got this made up as one piece and I put a bend in it to follow the contours from the boot to the dash.


Once everything is in and I’m doing final fixes I’ll cover the edges with some aluminium edging which there seems to be plenty of choice.


So next job on the list is to start drilling the panels for the rivets. I’ve ordered up some 3.3mm drill bits and will use 3.2mm rivets and tiger seal to secure the panels in place. I’m going to get them powedercoated satin black to match the chassis, so will try and find some black rivets to match.


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