STOP! It’s panel time..

With the frustrations of the pedal Box and having to shell out for a new clutch and flywheel on the daily, progress has been slow…actually non existent.

So today I sucked it up and went and did some measuring for the interior panels and boot floor.

I experimented with cutting straight lines on some scrap ally sheet I had lying around. I tried a nibbler I bought yonks ago, a jigsaw and a good old fashioned hacksaw, but nothing gave me a satisfactory straight line. So I’ve decided to get the sheet guillotine cut instead.

I popped down to with some dodgy fat packet sketches a very professional hardboard template (the top tunnel was just too many planes for my basic maths) and my best negotiating skills.


And for £40 ill be picking up the following on Saturday morning..

2 x side panels 1.2mm
2 x tunnel side panels 1.2mm
1 x top tunnel panel 1.2mm
1 x “boot floor” 2mm

I’ll upload the pictures when I get them, and plan to powder coat them in satin black when I get the chassis done.

I’ll also need to get the floor panels cut at some time, but they will have an overhang to support the side pods and I havnt worked out how big this needs to be yet.


4 thoughts on “STOP! It’s panel time..

  1. not done wrong, gone wrong. same difference. and the carpet is up in the hall of the house, which means i now know there’s some sort of air connection between the house and garage, and the house stinks of styrene. one of those nights i think.

    • Mark, sounds like a complete nightmare! Yours will be amazing when it’s done though, and definitely worth the pain. I’ve got no such problems with my garage, it’s not connected to the house, which although a ball ache most of the time does mean smells stay put! I once dismantled a mini moto on the kitchen floor. It’s amazing how long the smell of petrol can stay in 3 floors of townhouse!!!

  2. As I have no ability to cut a straight line, I have had some of my panels lazer cut. Then you can also have all the rivet holes pre-cut and use the panel as a template for drilling, Hears an example that I got a bit carried away with.

    [img] sheet.jpg[/img]

    • That’s a good idea, I was thinking about getting a laser cut template cut out, same width as the chassis rails and then holes every x distance to do the same. I can’t see your picture, but it sounds very similar.

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