Pedal Box

With the new engine and gearbox combo using a hydraulic clutch I need to change the old cable operated pedal box. To be fair the old one was pretty knackered anyway, you can see in the picture how the base had bent due to poor mounting and hard breaking.


I looked at various options from OBP & Tilton, but they either didn’t fit the cramped fury footwell or my budget. So it was back to fury sports cars to order a standard spec hydraulic clutch setup.

Having ordered at the beginning of October I was starting to get frustrated with the lack of progress and having been in contact with Steve at Fury Sports Cars I am still waiting for the pedal set to arrive….and waiting….and waiting…. Well you get the idea. Apparently the laser cutter they use have had some issues, but it should be here “shortly”. As soon as its ready I can start fabbing up the brake lines, but until then I’ll just carry on twiddling my thumbs.


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