With the engine fully built apart from some of the bolt on ancillaries I started to turn my attention to the throttle bodies.

The idea is to use 6 triumph 595 throttle bodies re-spaced to fit a custom inlet adapter plate.

If you buy the bodies from eBay they go for about £75 a set. So I scoured the triumph owners club forums and managed to grab two sets for £40 including postage.

Originally the manifold adapter was going to come from another member on locostbuilders, but they have proved impossible to get hold of, so ive had to make other arrangements.

Luckily whilst flicking through I found someone from the states who was developing exactly the same system with the triumph bodies. Step up….


After exchanging a few emails with Jes at Warhorse im now on the list for one of the first prototype adapters, which should hopefully be here by September.

The CAD drawings look great, but I don’t think ill be utililising the idle control valve aspect due to Megasquirt being able to control “cold starts”

Heres some teasers….





2 thoughts on “ITBs

    • Hi. You are absolutely right about the engine being best placed as far back as possible. Unfortunately with the bell housing on the gearbox it just wont fit. Im not actually moving the engine any further forward, than the k series it was replacing, however the overall foot print is just bigger…hence the chassis modifications. Im hoping it wont have to much of an adverse effect on the handling.

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