Powder coat & bushes


Just got some of the rear suspension / axle bits back from the powder coaters. Decided I would get them done in satin rather than gloss, and I think it looks pretty good. Total cost..£30.

Also decided to replace all the bushes at the same time as they were puahong on for 15 years old! I decided to go with a direct replacement of the originals that Fisher fitted. I contacted Steve at fury sports cars and he wanted £12.00 ea. Instead I managed to track them down for a smidgen over £4.00ea from



The ones needed are BP636/2 which have a 1/2″ diameter centre hole. This then led to another conundrum…

Fisher have used 12mm bolts in 1/2″ holes, meaning that there is a bit of play in all the suspension components. No one knows why it was done this way, but it is well know within Sylva circles as an issue. A quick trip to the Bay of E and a 1/2″ hand reamer is on its way for a very reasonable £7.00 delivered.

When it arrives I’ll make all the suspension points on the chassis 1/2″ and place another order with Namrick to replace the 12mm bolts.

**Edited from 13mm to 12mm!


One thought on “Powder coat & bushes

  1. I had utterly that bollocks on mine, and it drove me mad. It’s 12mm bolts into 1/2 inch holes (half an inch is 12.7mm) by the way, but dangerous regardless. Every couple of hundred miles I’d need to tighten things up again. I did exactly the same thing, bought a reamer, made the holes the right size, fitted 1/2″ bolts everywhere.

    Suspension components are half in size. It says so in the rules.

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