Engine mounts & test fit


Finally sorted out some new bolts for the engine mounts, as I lost the original ones that came with the engine. I needed M10 x 30mm & one M10 x 50mm all in 1.25 pitch, which I managed to track down from http://www.namrick.co.uk. I ordered them Tuesday afternoon and they arrived Thursday,.so not to shabby.

This meant I was finally able to test fit the engine and see what space was going to be like.


It fits….just! There is a cross member on the left hand side of the chassis which I think is going to need moving backwards to allow the whole engine to come forwards by 50mm. Untill thats done the gearbox doesn’t quite fit, but it shouldnt be to big a job with my new found welding skills, and in between grinding welded rivet holes ill make that my next job.

I also spaced the engine mounts with some blocks of wood the same depth as the land rover rubbers ill be using. Im still worried about clearance on the sump, and might have to get someone to take an inch out of it at some point. I plan on running an external oil cooler so the lost capacity by cutting the sump should be retained in the oil cooler.



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