Holes, holes and…… holes!


Another milestone today, spent the morning welding the rest of the rivet holes on the chassis, and they are now all done. Wahey!

First time I’ve welded outside, and being quite windy meant the gas wasn’t quite able to do its job. The welds are not that pretty and I’ve learnt that shielding the torch with your hand does nothing to improve the gas flow, but does lead to burns from the weld splatter. Never mind scars are cool… Aren’t they?

Having said that, by the time they’ve seen a flappy disc you won’t know the difference. And once it’s panelled you won’t know the difference anyway.

Seperate to that furyrebuild posted on locostbuilders about being able to make carbon panels in place of the aluminium ones. I’ve been in contact with him and will give him a ring in the week to discuss options, prices etc.

If you are interested in his progress check out http://www.furyrebuild.co.uk


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